Restaurants Research

Title Tickers Date
CBRL: Cracker Barrel - Raising F2Q SSS & EPS Estimates to Reflect Heat n’ Serve Price Increase & Stronger-than-Expected December Casual Dining SSS CBRL 2019-01-18
TXRH: Texas Roadhouse - Raising 2Q SSS and EPS Estimates to Reflect Stronger-than-Expected December Casual Dining SSS TXRH 2019-01-18
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - Raising 4Q SSS and EPS Estimates to Reflect Stronger-than-Expected December Casual Dining SSS BLMN 2019-01-18
Casual Dining SSS Estimates Too Low Following Strong December - Strong Finish to The Year, But Far More Challenging Comparisons Are Around the Corner - Continue to Favor Franchise Models 2019-01-18
CMG: Chipotle - CMG ICR Breakout Session and Public Presentation Quick Hits CMG 2019-01-15
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - PLAY ICR Breakout Session & Public Presentation Quick Hits PLAY 2019-01-15
DRI: Darden Restaurants - DRI ICR Breakout Session & Public Presentation Quick Hits DRI 2019-01-14
WING: Wingstop - WING ICR Breakout Session Quick Hits WING 2019-01-14
TXRH: Texas Roadhouse - TXRH Breakout Session Quick Hits: 2019 Menu Pricing Expected to Approach Historical Highs TXRH 2019-01-14
2019 Sector Outlook: Rotation to EPS & Cash Flow Visibility - Our Highest Conviction Ratings & Take on Key Sector Thesis Points 2019-01-11
What to Expect at ICR – 4Q SSS from CMG, PLAY & WING - Looking for Modest SSS Upside from CMG, an In-line Number from WING and QTD Shortfall for PLAY 2019-01-07
Who’s Next? Assessing Potential Activist & Acquisition Targets - Lessons from the Recent Flurry of Restaurant Sector Activism and Acquisition Activity 2019-01-03
DRI: Darden Restaurants - F2Q19: Quick Hits from the Earnings Call DRI 2018-12-18
DRI: Darden Restaurants - DRI’s Beat & Raise Story Losing Momentum with SSS & EPS Guidance Meeting Current Street Estimates DRI 2018-12-18
JACK: Jack in the Box - No Longer A Seller’s Market – But If JACK Were to be Acquired, We See a 14-15x EBITDA Multiple JACK 2018-12-17
DRI: Darden Restaurants - F2Q Likely to Offer Few Surprises; We See Near-Peak Valuation as Hard to Hold with Sizeable EPS Growth Deceleration Lurking DRI 2018-12-13
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - NT SSS Recovery Prospects Increasingly Murky; But at Less Than 7.5x a Lowered ‘19E EBITDA, After Hours Sell Off Is Overdone PLAY 2018-12-11
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - Expect F3Q SSS to Fall Short of Street & FY18 Guidance Revision; SSS Recovery Jury to Remain Out Through January 2019 (ICR) PLAY 2018-12-06
Labor - Everything You Need to Know About Labor Cost Inflation & Company Exposure Heading into 2019 2018-12-03
JACK: Jack in the Box - Is Jack on the Value Menu? A Comparison of the Company’s Key Fundamentals vs. the Franchise Peer Group (including SONC) JACK 2018-11-29

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