Title Date
TIF/LVMH - Comments from Faber on CNBC + D. Bilson (GHRA Event-Driven) 2020-09-09
Nestle – BarCap Conf. Presentation Comments 2020-09-09
DKS – GS Conf. Presentation Comments 2020-09-09
Altria (MO) – Ahead of BarCap reit F20 EPS Guidance & will perform quantitative assessment of JUUL's value w/Q3 earnings; CRON names Kurt Schmidt (former BUFF CEO) as President/CEO 2020-09-09
AEO - Q beats on OpProfit/EPS driven by better topline (inc. benefit from reversal of Q1's temp fulfillment delays; Aerie total revs +32% vs. AE dn 26%), GMs & SG&A; Inventories dn 21%; Reit FY CapEx; Doesn't anticipate dividend for rest of year 2020-09-09
Luxury – Macy’s Provides Some Add’l Color On Q2 Luxury Performance At Macy’s/Bloomingdales - Luxury @ Bloomies in Q2 performed 23% better than total co's trend 2020-09-09
JR's Consumer Daily – 9.9.20 2020-09-09
PFGC - Updates On QTD Trends Ahead of Sell-Side Conf. Presentations w/Most Recent Week Improving To dn 4% & Aug dn ~10% (vs. dn LDD% in Jun/July). 2020-09-09
TIF/LVMH – TIF sues in Delaware to force LVMH to close by 11/24, refuting LVMH’s suggestion it can avoid closing by claiming TIF has undergone a MAE as LVMH assumed all anti-trust clearance risk & all financial risk related to adverse industry trends/economic conditions under the Merger Agreement 2020-09-09
TSCO/DG/CMG - C. Grom's TSCO/DG Mgmt Mtg Takeaways + J. Farmer's CMG Delivery Menu Pricing Premium Analysis 2020-09-09
TIF/LVMH - LVMH says it may not be able to close on acquisition after TIF asked it to delay the close to Dec. 31st from Nov. 24th & it received a letter from French gov't asking it to delay a transaction close to Jan '21 to avoid US tariffs on French goods; TIF to sue LVMH to close in Delaware court today according to FT 2020-09-09
UBER/LYFT - QTD Trends Updates (UBER Citi Pres this AM; LYFT 8K AMC) 2020-09-08
MKC – BarCap Conf. Presentation Comments 2020-09-08
LULU - CC in Q&A; Guiding Q3/Q4 EPS below St. 2020-09-08
Consumer Spending - Update on Aug. Spending Trends from Mastercard; Trends Relatively Consistent Through Aug (Slight Tick Down In 2H Aug vs. 1H Aug/2H July vs. 1H July) With Some Interesting Category Commentary 2020-09-08
UAA – Expanding 2020 Restructuring Program...anticipates signif LT cost savings as a result...expect ~$40-60M million in pre-tax benefits during 2020.     2020-09-08
LULU - Reports Q220 Earnings, Q beats on EPS driven by better topline, GMs & SG&A; No F20 guidance; Inventories +36% 2020-09-08
REYN - Ahead of BarCap Presentation Guiding Q3 Revs Ahead of St. w/EBITDA Margin In Line (implied EBITDA $s ahead) 2020-09-08
EL/KDP - BarCap Conf. Presentation Comments 2020-09-08
Consumer - WMT BarCap Conf. Presentation (nothing really incremental), Sephora new CEO, MSFT Xbox Launch, CaaS 2020-09-08

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