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HRB files but still waiting on that big return, Sealed Air cleaning up a stubborn covenant, the political winds start to gently blow outside Monsanto [HRB, SEE, MON, ATML] 2015-06-09
Recent Ideas to Highlight: CST, ZTS, WBS, MCD, THC, NOMHF, AXLL, MSCI 2015-06-08
Molson story may be spitting out foam, Esterline wins the Triple Frown, plenty of love for Nomad's older brother [TAP, ESL, PAH, NOMHF, MON, HIFR] 2015-06-08
June 1 - June 5 2015-06-08
Consumer June 1 - June 5 2015-06-08
A Morris seen on the horizon at CSC, some math behind this Nomad story, pondering M prospects after ABB catches an activist [CSC, NOMHF, ABB, KLXI, MRVL, OPK] 2015-06-05
Go time for Ergen, Nomad comes back to life, not the Lab deal people were expecting [DISH, NOMHF, BRLI, CE, AMTD, ETFC] 2015-06-04
Brookdale finds itself some time, surveying Stanley's credentials, Medtronic's crooked spine still needs straightening [BKD, SWK, IHS, MDT, ETFC, LPLA, M] 2015-06-03
NetApp brings in a new pilot, CFO change cools off lukewarm E*TRADE thought, eBay gets going ahead of its big event [NTAP, ETFC, EBAY, MTW, ENBL] 2015-06-02
MSCI executives get new severance packages, Chesapeake boss takes aim at short sellers, WhiteWave volume lifts after Hormel deal [MSCI, CHK, WWAV] 2015-06-01
Humana - All things considered 2015-06-01
May 26 - May 29 2015-06-01
Consumer May 26 - May 29 2015-06-01
Breakup questions dot the HPC landscape, not much to see at Agilent, considering Peltz etiquette [CL, KMB, A, ZTS, Peltz, GEF] 2015-05-29
Short Interest Analysis [CSX, CVC, IP, YUM, WEN, ALTR, CDK, JNPR, ANN, TWC, OCR, BCO, DD] 2015-05-28
Defense companies looking for offense, CST might grab "stupid" money, white flags everywhere at Michael Kors [LMT, GD, CST, KORS, AVGO, BRCM] 2015-05-28
Ben Franklin involved in another revolution, Owens roofing job might get some help, class divide at Hubbell widens [AXLL, OC, YELP, HUB, CFX] 2015-05-27
Skeptical of new Lab story, Flip flopping potential Marvell catalysts, a 26 month value surge in cable [DGX, MRVL, TWC, CVC, NUVA, PF] 2015-05-26
May 18 - May 21 2015-05-25
Consumer May 18 - May 21 2015-05-25

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