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Might succession tempt an activist at Baxter?, Hilton inches toward REIT decision, new APD director has interesting resume [BAX, HLT, APD, WOOF, WFM] 2015-07-30
Cytec fulfills its destiny, CONSOL split runs up against covenant issue, Elliott feasting at Citrix and dieting at Juniper [CYT, HXL, GRA, CNX, CTXS, JNPR, NCR, ATML, OMI] 2015-07-29
A meter goes off at Honeywell, looking for Host special sit to get some attention, cool on AGN for ZTS thought [HON, HST, PCP AGN, ZTS, CNX, HIFR] 2015-07-28
What's next for Mylan, Perrigo and Allergan?, dusting off the Lear file, McGraw Hill makes its first post-settlement move [MYL, PRGO, AGN, LEA, MHFI, PMCS] 2015-07-27
Jul 20 - Jul 24, 2015 2015-07-27
Consumer July 20 - July 24 2015-07-27
EQT chief losing patience, considering Juniper's chances of joining Elliott's buyout club, a three and a half month wait time at McDonalds [EQT, JNPR, MCD, HOT, BEE, SYK, NUVA] 2015-07-24
Waiting on sunrise at EMC, M&A seems like a casualty in Qualcomm plan, what's with those spin mentions at Polaris? [EMC, QCOM, PII, HRB, BEAV, FBHS] 2015-07-23
Arvind Ramnani joins GHRA to cover IT Services, Software 2015-07-22
Shining a light on IDEXX Labs, sizing up United Tech's vulnerability, Peltz finds himself down a touchdown at Pentair [IDXX, UTX, THOR, PNR, TRV, BK, AMTD] 2015-07-22
Southeastern flips the switch at Consol, Qualcomm coming around, a test case for Lions Gate roll-up potential [CNX, QCOM, LGF, PNR, PSXP, VLP] 2015-07-21
Lockheed adding and subtracting, NCR auction weakening, CF shows up in Amsterdam [LMT, NOC, BWXT, OSK, NCR, CF, MOS] 2015-07-20
Jul 13 - Jul 17, 2015 2015-07-20
Consumer July 13 - July 17 2015-07-20
Hertz breaks out of jail, go-time for United Rentals, keying in on Akorn as Hertz spring uncoils [HTZ, URI, AKRX, MON, ETE, SON, TE] 2015-07-17
Checking in on Kinder's deal-making appetite, Starboard will lead the charge at Macy's, Peltz sure is fond of Honeywell boss [KMI, M, HON, GMCR, SUN] 2015-07-16
Looking for a silver lining at Mead Johnson, keying in on that selloff at Phillips 66 Partners, like the YUM setup into fall [MJN, Peltz, PSXP, YUM, AKRX, GES, WPX] 2015-07-15
Low-ball offer dribbles up to Micron, Greenlight quiet on Macy's, considering price sensitivity at Precision Castparts [MU, M, PCP, MWE, MRVL] 2015-07-14
Short Interest Analysis [NCR, CVC, MAT, ATML, HTZ, MTW, HLF] 2015-07-13
New Big-10 MLP power to challenge Ohio State?, thinking on Nomad as Platform adds another layer, teeing up Tyco's credentials [MPLX, MWE, PAH, NHL, TYC, JEC] 2015-07-13

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