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WLTW Asbestos Guidance Moving Towards our Estimates (TRV, HIG, AFG, RE) 2016-07-20
Will AMTD's Hockey put a shot on ETFC, pension headwinds cause turbulence at Lockheed, pressure builds on F5 (ETFC, AMTD, LMT, FFIV, EPC, HAWK) 2016-07-20
Comerica gears up, looking ahead to F5 and Blackhawk, Williams pushes out nomination deadline (CMA, FFIV, HAWK, MRVL, WMB, MON, IEX, PNR) 2016-07-19
What got the tiger's tale last week, CDK not waiting around to deliver good news, Alere deal shows sign of life (K, CDK, AMCX, ALR, VIAB, HLF) 2016-07-18
July 11 - July 15 2016-07-15
Herbalife acquitted of most serious charge, Bayer fails to impress with second Monsanto offer, what's with all that WESCO volume? (HLF, MON, WCC, XRX) 2016-07-15
Paramount sale could reach the mountaintop, leveling out the Level 3 buzz, Clorox anniversary in focus (VIAB, LVLT, MON, CLX, GIS, CREE) 2016-07-14
Ties that bind Harman to ADS, will Buffett stick on 15 at PSX, Canadian Tire brings in its closer (HAR, PSX, CTC, BHI, CAG, AA) 2016-07-13
AM Best May Scale Back BCAR Changes 2016-07-13
The fallout from a Rite Aid break, Xerox makes a copy of CSC playbook, interesting CFO departure at possible Stryker target (RAD, WBA, XRX, HCP, PAA, SNN, OZRK) 2016-07-12
ValueAct pounces on ADS pullback, teeing up Humana's standalone M&A prospects, looking for signs of urgency at General Mills meeting (ADS, HUM, WCG, GIS, ATD, CST) 2016-07-11
July 5 - July 8 2016-07-08
JNJ courting a different crowd, oft-discussed oil service deal heads to the sidelines, CDK Global window set to open (JNJ, NOV, CDK, PLCM, WMB, PEP) 2016-07-08
Danone catches a $12bn wave, Mead's glass half-full or half-empty? Another flop on Lions Gate's hands (WWAV, MJN, LGF, HUN) 2016-07-07
Harman idea fighting some gathering headwinds, taking stock of Edwards Lifesciences 2015-16 recruiting class, end of an era at Energizer (HAR, EW, EPC, GD, NTK) 2016-07-06
ALL / PGR: Pricing "Hard Market" continuing in Private Passenger Auto 2016-07-05
Processing the open-ended processes (CST, CAB, HLF, FFIV, TDC, GNC) 2016-07-05
Hogging up the LBO talk, an alternative motivation for Mondelez, more than undershirts trading hands at Hanes (HOG, MDLZ, HSY, HBI, WMB, ESL) 2016-07-05
Focus Ideas: HAR, TDC, BEAV, ADS, HAWK, HSY 2016-06-30
Workers' Compensation Results Are Peaking 2016-06-28

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