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Eastman dressing up as Ashland for Halloween, frustration boils over at DISH, strike two at VF [EMN, DISH, VFC, MENT, DE, ARRS, SEE, CVI] 2016-02-19
Kansas City Southern not necessarily a "no," circling back to DefCo M as award protests fade, JACK falls on its face ahead of May meeting [KSU, NOC, BA, OSK, JACK, KMI, FTI, BEN, SYK, MRVL] 2016-02-18
The Sharpe Ratio Belongs in the Analytical Toolkit 2016-02-17
Quarterly 13-F Analysis 2016-02-17
ADT opts for Apollo's version of security, Third Point quiet on the long side, Jana lets go of Mattel [ADT, CP, MAT, HLT, LPLA, TMH, SWHC] 2016-02-16
Feb 8 - Feb 12, 2016 2016-02-12
Prudential rejects Snoopy template, InterPublic glides over last hurdle, some noise and a new holder at Allison [PRU, AIG, IPG, WOOF, WWAV, ALSN, RR] 2016-02-12
A suggestive tweak in comp at IP, Mylan gets into the recycling swing, more than 140 characters on TWTR activist potential [IP, MYL, LOW, AXLL, TWTR, VSTO, PEP, AAP, EW] 2016-02-11
Key takeaways from a Buyer of IT at European Bank 2016-02-10
A white flag day at Brookdale, door slightly ajar at Schwab, CanPac eases off the throttle [BKD, SCHW, CP, NSC, TDG, SCOTUS] 2016-02-10
AIG: Operating Plan is (nearly) Without Precedent 2016-02-10
CTSH: 2016 Guidance Creates Buying Opportunity as Expected. Reiterate Buy Rating 2016-02-09
Utility industry stakes claim to hottest M+A space, two industrials swinging away with buybacks, Hasbro chilling [ITC, CMI, TDG, HAS, LII, BKD] 2016-02-09
Consol shakes up its board, keeping an eye on another railroad, Energy Transfer with an oddly-timed management move [CNX, KSU, ETE, TDC, ADSK, LGF] 2016-02-08
Feb 1 - Feb 5, 2016 2016-02-05
Back to the future in Toyland, Esterline in no mood to talk sale, Level 3 heads out to hunt [MAT, HAS, ESL, WFT, LVLT, CFX, SYMC, LGF, KMT] 2016-02-05
EPAM & Luxoft Insights from Recent Checks with Private Ukrainian IT Services firm 2016-02-04
Lions Gate officially looking to build its "pride," pullback hasn't killed B/E's sale prospects, two Canadian situations in foucs [LGF, STRZA, KSS, BEAV, COP, NOV, IAC, CST, EPC, LOW, CP, ADSK, ETN] 2016-02-04
Starboard sees something "marvelous" in the wreckage, is Chuck actually cooking up something at Schwab?, 2016 M is taking on a 2012 flavor [MRVL, SCHW, LOW, RON, MON, ALLY, MNK, PNR, LYB] 2016-02-03
Unvarnished split talk at Roper, Tempur Sealy boss takes ownership, Mattel doing fine on its own [ROP, TPX, MAT, CMA, AA] 2016-02-02

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