How Badly Do Monsanto Shareholders Want Syngenta?

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Jun 07, 2015

Swiss crop chemical giant Syngenta (SYT) on Monday derided the latest approach from Monsanto (MON), calling its larger US rival's proposed $2B reverse-termination fee "paltry" and saying Syngenta's concerns over regulatory hurdles and price remain unaddressed -- putting the onus on Monsanto to come with terms that are sweeter yet,  Gordon-Haskett says. "MON is now right back to where it was before all this started and we're curious how its shareholders would react to the type of proposal that will be required to get this deal done," the broker-dealer tells clients in a research note. MON shares slightly higher at $114.27 -- only about 30 cents above the share price before news of the Syngenta deal talks were first reported in late April. (; @jacobbunge).